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Parco Nazionale Cinque terre
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I know our area and its history like the back of my hand and I love sharing my knowledge with friends and guests and acting as their tourist guide in lots of different places.

I love organising boat trips and these are highly appreciated, particularly in Summer when I use a gorgeous, well-fitted traditional Ligurian fishing boat that is perfect for visits along our coastlines that are full of inlets and coves that can only be reached from the sea.

I am filled with pleasure by the ecstatic expressions on the faces of my guests when they get a view of the heavenly nature of unequalled beauty, dominated by the steep cliffs that drop straight down to the sea

  • Parco Nazionale delle Cinque TerreParco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre I also use an electric-powered boat to enter the pristine marine areas of the Cinque Terre National Park, where all other boats are prohibited. This gives you the opportunity of admiring the crystal-clear, azure... Continua

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